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With Online Skype Web Lessons, you can take Japanese lessons anytime anywhere!

Wherever you are in Japan or in the world, you can talk with a Japanese tutor who speaks in a perfect standard Japanese accent!!

We are very pleased to provide the finest lesson at reasonable price, and excellent service.

Using Skype for learning Japanese online

Skype Japanese lessons are actually more effective than regular classroom lessons because you are forced to give 100% attention to your teacher, and students tend to listen more closely and try to speak more clearly.

So you will speak better Japanese more quickly with this method!

Tutor Profile

I have taught students from 25 different countries

Mieko with Chinese students

Mieko Kakazu

With more than 7 years of teaching experience, I have a very professional and systematic style.

1978.08Born in Aichi,Japan
1999.03Graduated from Aichi Women Junior College
(marketing and secretary)
2002.04 Arrived in China and began to study Chinese
2004.04 Married to a Chinese national
Started teaching Japanese as a freelance tutor

Employed at The First People Hospital of Yunnan Province
(Japanese intensive training section)
Employed at Noda screen Inc.
(Japanese-Chinese translator)
2006.09 Enrolled in China's Yunnan University
Graduated from Yunnan University
(Chinese literature BA)
Employed at SONY corp.
(Japanese-Chinese translator)
Started Skype Japanese Web lessons

Learning Languages

English : intermediate level
Chinese : Advanced level(HSK level 9)

Students of Skype lesson

(past and current)

Style of teaching

* All courses are 1 to 1 private tutoring

Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced course, JLPT Prep course Intermediate conversation course, Composition & Speech course, Keigo (polite expression) master course, etc. Course will be arranged to meet your needs.

LevelStyle of teachingJLPT Level
BeginnerCan help students build a good foundation in Japanese grammar and establish confidence in speakingLevel
IntermediateComprehensively improve students' ability and help students proceed to the next levelLevel
AdvancedExplain the subtle differences of vocabulary, teach culture/history and help consolidate students'JapaneseLevel

*English or Japanese medium teaching available according to preference.
*You don't need any textbooks, we'll send you lesson materials by e-mail.
*Our school specializes in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test.

We offer a 15 minute trial lesson for free!

Lesson Fees

Affordable Prices!!

Costs as low as 8 USD an lesson.

10 lessons20 lessons 30 lessons
( 2 or 3 times a week)
40 mins100 USD
(10 USD / 1 lesson)
180 USD
(9 USD / 1 lesson)
240 USD
(8 USD / 1 lesson)
50 mins130 USD
(13 USD / 1 lesson)
240 USD
(12 USD / 1 lesson)
330 USD
(11 USD / 1 lesson)
60 mins150 USD
(15 USD / 1 lesson)
280 USD
(14 USD / 1 lesson)
390 USD
(13 USD / 1 lesson)

No registration fee.
  • Fees for 10,20 lessons or 30 lessons should be paid in advance.

  • You can change your lesson appointment up to 3 hours before the appointed time, after that 1 session fee will be fully charged.

  • Please note that your fee payment is valid for 1 year and nonrefundable.


Current available teaching times (subject to change). :

Monday to Sunday
7:00-23:00(Japan Time)

Japan Tokyo timeºCheck here!!

Place Time zoneLesson Time
London(U.K)GMT +022:00-14:00
Paris(France)GMT +123:00-15:00
Beijing(China)GMT +86:00-22:00
Sydney(Australia)GMT +108:00-24:00
New York(U.S.A)GMT -517:00-9:00

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1.Your name
4.Where are you currently living? (Your Timezone)
5.E-mail Address
6.Skype ID
7.Your Approximate Japanese Level.
8.Please state if you have any particular requirements

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Mieko Japanese Language School

mail : meirongzi@gmail.com
management : Mieko Kakazu

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
We aim to reply within 48 hours.

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