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Hi,my name is Snowfox,and I want to welcome you to Snowfox Chinese School Online. I am the Director of the school, and I am committed to bringing you excellent Skype Chinese Lessons tailored to your specific needs.

Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (issued by Confucius Institute Headquaters)


One on One PRIVATE LESSONS with Skype

Do you need General Chinese Lesson? HSK Preparation? Business Chinese? Travel Chinese? Snowfox Chinese School Online can help you learn the Chinese you want to learn. One on one Skype Chinese lessons help you foucus on speaking Chinese, listening, and pronunciation.

Skype Chinese lessons actually are more effective than regular classroom lessons because you are forced to give 100% attention to your teacher, and students tend to listen more closely and try to speak more clearly.So you can will speak better Chinese more quickly with this method!

I am an experienced professional language teacher

Could Chinese people around you correct your Chinese and give you clear explanations?

I am a native Chinese male who is qualified to teach to those studying Chinese as a second language. I majored at BLCU in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language (B.A.) and have 11 years' experience teaching Chinese to second language learners.

I've taught more than 300 students coming from more than 40 countries.

I have a very professional and systematic style.

I can explain Chinese grammar in English

I can explain Chinese grammar in English to elementary students.

I can teach only in Chinese of course, the so-called "direct method", if you'd like. However, I think it might be inefficient to understand Chinese only in Chinese for elementary level students.

When you don't know how to say something in Chinese, I can translate your English to Chinese. So you can learn Chinese expressions which you really want to say at that time. Gradually I will lead you to communicate only in Chinese in lessons.

Lesson fees are reasonable

With the advent of free internet communication technologies, it has become possible to travel through cyberspace to virtual classrooms anywhere in the world.

Taking advantage of this revolution in technology, Snowfox Chinese School Online has created China's first, virtual Chinese language school and with it, your opportunity to learn Chinese in a virtual classroom from a professional Chinese teacher in China without leaving the comfort of your home.

Irrespective of where in the world you live, you can now enjoy private Chinese lessons taught by highly qualified Chinese teacher in China for as little as $10.00 USD per lesson.

Affordable Prices!!

Costs as low as $11 USD a lesson

You can learn at your own level and pace

I will understand your individual Chinese level, strong points, and weak points. Each student has his/her learning style. For example, some people like to check unknown words and analyze grammar points, and some people like to read and talk much. I will watch to balance your strong points and weak points and search for the most effective learning methods and pace for you.

You can ask me questions any time; during lessons or via email.
You can have a say in materials and how to do our lessons.

Tutor will be your personal pacemaker so that you can progress steadily, which may be difficult to continue by yourself.

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